Week 2: Blogging

This weeks lecture was packed with resources, so I decided to make a list with short descriptions for each of them for future reference!

Mozilla Thimble is a simple tool for easily creating webcontent using HTML and CSS. You type your code in one column and instantly see the output it creates in the other. You can then save and directly share your webpage with the world!

Codeacademy offers completely free step-by-step courses on web developing (HTML,  CSS & Javascript), programming languages (e.g. Python & Ruby) and simple coding projects.

TypeKit has a large library of fonts (more of you pay) you can browse and filter (serif or sans-serif? for paragraphs or headings?) to find the perfect font for your cause, font lists (e.g. ’rounded fonts’) and a design gallery to look at remarkable typography examples.

Google Web Fonts is similar to TypeKit, but is totally free and has exclusively OpenSource fonts you can instantly use, both privately and commercially.

WAVE is a tool to check the accessibility of a website. It shows errors, alerts and other problematic elements and explains how to fix them.

The Oatmeal has a few comics about grammar, explaining and correcting common misconceptions, such as the ever-present confusion of ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’.

After The Deadline is a free spelling and grammar checker and can be used with several sites (e.g. WordPress), web browsers (Firefox, Chrome) and applications (OpenOffice).

Grammarly also provides a very advanced Editor for spell and grammar checking, which can be sampled free on the website or with a 7-days trial, but the real thing costs a monthly fee. However, there are also free writing resources on grammar and style available on the website.

ProBlogger has, as the title suggests, a lot of resources for serious and aspiring bloggers.

The Chicago Manual of Style offers – for an annual fee, or free for a 30 day trial – recommendations on editorial style, a Q&A around writing style and several convenient tools for publishing content.

I hope this was useful to you as well. Until next week!


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