Week 12: Additional Tools

As the term has come to an end, this will be my last post on this blog. The module was great fun and even if I had previous knowledge about most topics, I still learned a lot and got to try out many interesting and useful tools. The last lecture introduced a bunch of new ones, let’s have a look!

E-Publishing & Word Processing



The most common file format for eBooks is .ePub, which is basically a way to store text using the markup language HTML. Using the free open-source program Sigil you can easily create your own ePub files without needing any knowledge of HTML or CSS. (If you want to learn about these languages however, CodeAcademy is the place to go!) An alternative to Sigil is iBooks Author by Apple, however this application restricts the output to the iBook market place.



To read eBooks, you can use the free eBook reader Calibre. Looking for eBooks to read without spending money? Try Project Gutenberg!



If you are willing to invest money to further your writing career, the commercial word-processing software Scrivener provides you with a management systems for documents and other useful tools for e.g. screenwriting.

Other resources to help you organize your writing visually are Scribus (open-source, page layout software) and WriteLaTeX (learning & writing LaTex, a document markup language often used in academic writings).

If This Then That – IFTTT

Lastly, a resource I personally found very interesting: IFTTT. This automation service lets you link up a magnitude of social media services via ‘Recipes’.

If This Then That – https://ifttt.com

If This Then That – https://ifttt.com

If you use many social media channels, this will definitely make your life easier. Tired of updating your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram separately? Just create a recipe, make one of the sites the ‘trigger’ and the others the ‘action’. This is just one of the many possibilities for this site, so be sure to have a look!

I hope you enjoyed my blog these last twelve weeks and had fun with the module, too. Good luck with exams!

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